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Director of Architecture

63146, Missouri
The Director of Architecture has the primary responsibility of overseeing the design efforts, architectural, graphic and multi-media, that are the backbone of our fast paced and growing enterprise that excels in multiple verticals.

  • Responsible for insuring client satisfaction on all projects in the pipeline.
  • Communicate and connect with the other Directors of Oakline to form a team that is dedicated to quality, responsiveness and profitability.
  • Facilitate all project related communications between the Oakline Studio St Louis Design team and the President of Oakline Studio.
  • Participate in weekly manpower meetings and project reviews.
  • Participate in project development strategy meetings as needed.
  • Participate daily in ‘board critiques’ with the designers so as to be intimately familiar with the progress and quality of the design effort.
  • Meet weekly with the President of Oakline Studio for departmental overview, staffing, schedules and profitability.
  • Assist in the recruiting effort for new talent and the retention of current staff.

Degree from an accredited school of architecture.  A minimum of 10 years' experience as a licensed architect.  In addition, the following experience is considered a plus:
  • Strong organizational skills.
  • Team oriented.
  • “Player – Coach” approach to leadership.
  • Excellent design skills.
  • Strong presentation experience.
  • Servant Leader

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